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  • Brune Bušića 42, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • areyousyrious@gmail.com
  • Brune Bušića 42, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • areyousyrious@gmail.com

Informing the public and awareness raising


Besides providing direct help to the refugees, one of our main activities from the beginning was producing daily news digests with crucial information for refugees and volunteers.

We are gathering information from volunteers, refugees and media from all over the refugee route and publish it through social media and other platforms  (AYS Daily News Digest). Our daily news digest is followed by 10.000 -300.000 people across the world every day, as well as by the mainstream media (Le Monde, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, BBC an The Guardian) and European decision makers.

Campaigning – national and international campaigning through social network (AYS content Facebook page is followed-liked by 29.000 people) and protests for democracy and refugee rights.

On-site volunteering  and delivering emergency aid to refugees

Our volunteers have helped refugees in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Serbia, France,  Hungary, and Syria. The successes include:

  • Over 50 tons of clothes and shoes distributed on the field
  • Rebuilt burnt-down refugee camp in Latakia province, Syria
  • Mobile kitchen feeding thousands in Serbia
  • Mobile showers fighting skin diseases and poor hygiene conditions in Serbia
  • Monitoring police behaviour during registration processes
  • Sending tents to areas with poor housing facilities
  • Helping investigators to gather evidence in regards to police violence and illegal pushbacks

Social integration activities

AYS offers practical support and advice in regards to administrative procedures and services available in the receiving country and help third-country nationals to overcome practical and legal hurdles. For example, some of our social integration activities are focused on providing children and adults in the reception centres  with language courses and preparatory courses for school; AYS also provides scholarships to refugees in professions that are in the highest demands at the local labour market.

Much of the integration work focuses on children. We celebrate their birthdays, we take them to field trips, organize play time. Among the highlights of our work with children stands the day when they started school after months and months of our teaching efforts. Many of the children now score the same results as their local peers! This success goes to our Big Brother Big Sister program, where each refugee-child is provided with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that changes their lives for the better, forever.